Patron Saints and Patronal Feasts of the Bishop of Rome-Ruthenia

United Roman-Ruthenian Church and Catholicate of Rome-Ruthenia
Sts. Peter and Andrew, Apostles - 29 June and 30 November

Pontifical Imperial State
Sts. Peter and Paul, Apostles - 29 June

Diocese of Rome-Ruthenia
St. Stephen the Deacon and Protomartyr - 3 August and 26 December

Metropolitan See of Aquileia
St. Mark the Apostle - 25 April

Pontifical Kingdom of Ruthenia
St. George, Martyr and St. Vladimir of Kiev - 23 April and 15 July

Apostolic Founder
St. Edwin Caudill - 25 October

Holy Fathers
Pope St. Leo X and St. Archbishop Aftimios - 1 December and 25 October


Founding of Rome
21 April

Founding of Ruthenia and the Old Russian State
Feast St. Vladimir of Kiev - 15 July


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