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(The Diocese of the Southwest evolved into the Diocese of Rome-Ruthenia.)

Around the Anglican Diocese of the Southwest
A Publication of the Anglican Diocese of the Southwest; Vol. 1, No. 5; June 1 2002

Ordinary Words

My Brothers and Sisters:

The time has come to review the latest revisions of the Constitution and Canons. We have incorporated all of the recommendations received from the parishes and met as the Standing Committee to review the latest revision. I am asking each parish to review the enclosed documents no later than June 23, 2002. Even if you have not comments or recommendations, I would like each parish to respond in writing to Joann Holland no later than Friday, June 29, 2002. Please include the names and addresses of delegates and alternates with the message.

If you have comments or recommendations, please make sure she has them in time to have them typed and distributed to the Standing Committee for review. No comments will be accepted after July 1, 2002 and prior to the Diocesan meeting on July 11, 2002.

We will celebrate together in Kerrville from July 11, 2002 - July 13, 2002. I am attaching an agenda for all to review before the next meeting. On Thursday evening we will celebrate Evening Prayer and Compline (Priests and Lay Readers in Cassock and Alb, Tippet is appropriate). On Friday morning we will celebrate the Holy Eucharist (Color - White) Celebrant: Canon Smith, Officiant: Father Holland. This will be a feast of remembrance and honor to all who have passed away in the last year. We will use the Requiem Liturgy. On Saturday at the close of the Council, we will celebrate the Independence of the United States and we will use the Liturgy of the Celebration of Holy Communion as was used in the United States and "as was approved and ratified by the Bishop's Clergy' and Laity of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in Convention, this 16th day of October in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine." Celebrant: Bishop Ellis. Officiant: Father Guthrie. The color will be White.

Noon Day prayers will be lead by our Deacons on Friday. Evening Prayer on Friday will be conducted by Fr. Garcia. Compline on Friday evening will be lead by Fr. Zipp. Morning Prayer on Saturday Morning will be conducted by Fr Baker and Fr Baker. No Vestments will be used for Noonday prayers and Compline. Evening Prayer and Morning Prayer will be Cassock and Surplice.

While I have assigned several individuals to each service, all priests, deacons, and lay readers should plan on participating. Please review the lessons for each service and be prepared to read or be a part of any of the services.

 The following items must be submitted to the Joann Holland no later than July 1, 2002:

Parish Report
Number of Communicants
Services conducted between the 1st Sunday in Advent 2000 and the Sunday Last before Advent 2001.
Services conducted between the 1st Sunday in Advent 2001 and Trinity Sunday, 2002

Attendance at Sunday Services
Attendance at Sunday School
Hospital Visits
Home Communions
Special Services
Lenten Services

Total Plate and Pledge for 2001
Names and addresses of Lay Readers
Names and addresses of Wardens
Parish activities

This should no more than 2 pages double spaced. It should be submitted to the Secretary of the Council and will be read on Thursday evening at the reports of the parishes' time.

A very important thing to remember when you are preparing to evaluate the Canons and the move towards the Council Meeting: We serve a Risen King and have committed ourselves to his service. We have chosen to maintain the traditional worship of the Church but have not closed our hearts and minds to His Call. We both lay and clerics are called to minister to the people of this world and we are proud of our Anglican Heritage. We have not nor will we ignore the needs of the people we must minister to in this world to maintain practices that are not consistent with His call.


Other Business

Effective immediately, the following phone numbers are the only ones that I will be answering: Home (---) -----------------

If it is after 6:30 PM during the week, use my home phone number because I will be home or near home and the cell phone does not work. On weekends that I am not traveling, call me at home before you use the cell phone.

Cell Phone (----) ----- --------
Univ Office (----) ----- --------
Fax (----) ----- --------

Clergy Assignments

Fr. D. Smith, Canon of the Diocese, President of the Standing Committee
Fr. D. Guthrie, Rector, St. Brigid's
Fr. M. Maymar, Curate, St. Brigid's
Rev D. Kinsfather, Deacon, St. Brigid's
Fr. R. Zipp, Rector, Christ the King
Fr. S. Baker, Curate, Christ the King
Rev. M. Keppler, Deacon, Christ the King and St. Paul's
Fr. G. Dudley, Curate, St. John theDivine
Rev D. Copeland, Deacon, St. John the Divine
Fr. D. West, Rector, St. Chad's
Fr. J. McCranie, Curate, St. Chad's
Fr. B. Holland, Rector, St. Michael & All Angels
Fr. J. Baker, Chief Resident, Methodist Hospital System
Fr. M Garcia, Rector, St. Paul's
Fr. J. Willson, Rector, Christ's Church
Rev M. Axford, Deacon in Charge, St. Swithin's
Dean B. Davies, Rector, St. Andrews
Rev G. Moore, Deacon, St. Andrews
Rev Stallings, Deacon in Charge, St. Mary's
Fr. C. Harrison, Hospice
Fr. G. Lightfoot, On Loan to ACA

 I would like to remind all clergy who are not assigned to a parish, that they are expected to pledge to the Diocese.

I have asked Fr. Maymar to join the staff at St Brigid's where he will be able to continue developing and refining the evangelism and discipleship programs that he has started. He will be attached to St. Brigid's to assist under the direction of the rector, Fr. Guthrie in the development of an educational program

Announcement from Bishop Ellis (sent by e-mail on 5/26/02)

"I have been informed by the Senior Warden at St. John the Divine that Fr. Robert Gurley has left the Diocese. The Parish of St. John the Divine will move forward with Fr. Gary Dudley at the helm.

I have assumed that since Fr. Robert is leaving the Diocese, he will no longer be the Secretary of the Standing Committee. I informed him that I had accepted his resignation in absentia. I will be asking Joann Holland to assume that role. The Standing Committee will elect a new member to fill our Fr. Gurley's term at the next. Standing Committee meeting

St. George's

Please thank Joann and Ben for all of the help this year with the program. Joann has served as registrar and all round helper for everything from transcripts to teaching. You are a wonderful witness to the call the Lord has given us to serve him. God Bless You both.

It is my hope to have several of the courses for St. Georges on line by the end of July. These will include Ethics and Old Testament. The next focus will be on New Testament and Liturgics. Hopefully, all of the course work will be on the internet by the end of next year. This will facilitate the access by students and faculty alike.

It is my hope to have two priests and a deacon assigned to each parish by this time next year. Let's keep recruiting for the seminary.

Prayer Concerns around the Diocese

Give thanks for the restoration to health of our Brother in Christ, Jorge ---------- and for the continued improvement in his health.

Please pray for Edith --------. Remember she is the elder stateswoman in this Diocese.

Pray for Father Jim ------, Yuri --------, Richard -------, Father Don --------, Danny --------, Allison -------, Orelia --------, Clergy and Congregations of the Anglican Diocese of the Southwest.

Remember the Synod both in your prayers and plans. It will be in Kerrville, Hosted by St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church, Kerrville from July 11 - 13, 2002.

Please send your prayer requests to Joann Holland for inclusion in the next newsletter.

Diocesan Council 2002

July 11-13, 2002
Kerrville, TX

The congregation of St. Michael & All Angels is busy trying to make this the best meeting ever. Please complete the pre-registration form and return as soon as possible so that we can get an estimate of people who will be attending.

The meetings will be held at the Best Western Sunday House Inn on Sidney Baker. Hotel reservations may be made by calling ---.---.---- or ---.---.----. Let the clerk know that you are making reservations for the Anglican Diocese of the Southwest meeting. Your room rate includes a full, hot breakfast each morning at the Cypress Grill which is adjacent to the hotel. For those of you receiving the newsletter by e-mail, if you would like a brochure, please call or e-mail Joann Holland and she will send you one.






















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