Pontifical Georgian College

The principal theological seminary of the United Roman-Ruthenian Church


Doctoral regalia is used by both clerical and lay doctors and worn in the same manner. The regalia consists of a scarlet toga, worn open, over which
is worn a mozzetta in the colour of the programme of study. The colours are scarlet for Sacred Theology, Roman purple for Canon Law,
royal blue for Sacred Philosophy, and white for Sacred Letters. The mozzetta has a small attached hood on the back.
Laity wear the regalia over a morning suit. Clergy wear the regalia over the choir cassock (according to season).
The cap is black velvet of Renaissance style, with a red cord and tassels.

When officiating or presiding at academic ceremonies, bishops wear the choir habit or the academic habit of PGC.
When attending academic ceremonies, bishops wear choir dress, the academic habit of PGC,
or the regular cassock with ferraiolo or standard clerical toga.



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