Pontifical Georgian College

The principal theological seminary of the United Roman-Ruthenian Church


N.b. Programmes subject to change without notice on this page. Postulants and seminarians should consult college administration for official information.
Speed of progress may vary by student. Neither academic degrees nor ordination are guaranteed. Academic degrees and ordination are only conferred
after all qualifications have been met and upon thorough and successful examination by ecclesiastical authorities.


Clerics and laity seeking advanced studies in Sacred Theology leading to the highest academic terminal degree, the Doctorate of Sacred Theology, must first have earned a Licentiate in Sacred Theology. Those with similar Masters-level theology degrees may be given credit on a case-by-case basis for work already done, but must complete the other courses within the STL programme of study, except that the practical liturgical courses and homiletics courses need not be taken except by those seeking ordination to Holy Orders for which those courses are required. (The STL is not awarded unless all required courses in the programme outline are awarded.) Candidates then undertake a Doctoral Term, which comprises four elective courses relevant to the candidate's intended area of focus. The courses should relate to the intended dissertation topic. Upon completion of the Doctoral Term, the candidate proposes a topic of original research to his committee. Upon acceptance, the candidate undertakes the research within the scope of the project and writes a dissertation. The candidate defends the dissertation to the committee. Upon successful defense, the committee proposes the candidate to the Great Officers of the College for award of the degree of Doctor of Sacred Theology.



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